Tuesday, February 8, 2011

David Knox Photography

Saxapahaw, SC

Pomira,  SC
Chruch & State

Flag Pond, NC

Just got these prints hung in the store and they are amazing. David travels around the South taking these amazing images with a Polaroid Land Camera. Then transfers the prints to metal plates using 19th century techniques. The resulting art work is stunning! I am having some difficulty getting them on the store-site, so just call me about the pricing.

Marvin D. Poole

Marvin is a true crafstman and I am always eager to see what he has brought into the store. He's been making knives for thirty-one years and lives just down the road in Commerce,  Georgia.  I was honored to take in a few of his early works this month. I wanted them on the blog so people could blow the pictures up and see the detail of the scrimshaw work done by  Bob Burdette of Greenville, South Carolina.