Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Linda Griffiths - Pen & Ink

Linda is an accomplished artist and a close friend. She has purchased a couple of Billykirk's bags that come with luggage tags. Linda wanted to know what she could put in the tag.  I suggested we get creative and fill these tags with woodland creatures. Linda took the idea and ran with it! I took these to Atlanta for a pop-up event with Billy Ried and they did well. Perfect for your BillyKirk luggage tag or as a stand alone piece of art.

Emily G's

Emily G’s was created by  two moms passionate about good food.  They put their heart, soul, and love into everything they make.  Emily and Gina believe that food should be prepared simply and naturally. This inspired them to launch Emily G’s in 2008 with their signature line of hand-poured jams, called Jam of Love. By making jams in small batches and using seasonal ingredients in unique combinations, they maintain the high quality that customers enjoy. As they grow and create more foods, they will continue their commitment to keep it natural, simple, and delicious.

These jams are as sweet as the girls that make them. Everyone that tastes these jams, buys a jar. That says something! I will continue to lay out the goat cheese and crackers. Simply the best jams I've ever tasted. Emily was in the shop this weekend and gave me a taste of a their new hot sauce and bbq sauce. You are in for a treat! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Cause & Effect Belts

Just got a some new belts in from Cause & Effect. The camo and wood grain horsehide belts are amazing! Billy tools the entire hide before cutting the belts to achieve the wood grain effect. These belts only get better with wear.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Otis James for O&A

These tie and handkerchief sets are on the way. Otis and I went to the Flea Antique, behind the shop, and picked up some locally sourced feedsdacks for some very special limited sets.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet Peach + O&A

 Sweet Peach
Scumptious Designs From the South

This 100 year old, 400 square foot store (once a barber shop) exemplifies all I love about the South. Oakleaf and Acorn, a men's store in Braselton, Georgia oozes character inside and out, equal parts history and soul. It's that, "C'mon in, i'll leave the door open for ya" feel where you leave all pressures of time and stress behind and just enjoy the experience of the shop... taking time to chat with the affable store owner, John Rich.
This is a masculine space for sure but appeals to women for it's bevy of unique, well made finds, all creatively displayed. John wants you to spend some time here, and most people do. Beer, coke and ginger ale are stashed in coolers on the porch, or if you'd like something a little stronger...just ask John for a little whiskey or scotch behind his desk. It's a men's store after all.
John remembers well his father's time and grandfather's time when products were handcrafted and made to last. John picks items to sell that he likes and items that you should only have to buy once that can be passed on generation to generation. Most items are local as well. The knives come from Marvin D. Poole in Commerce, Georgia, the gorgeous frames from Shuron in Greenville, South Carolina and the uber stylish ties from Hitsman out of Oklahoma and Southern Proper in Atlanta.
One of the many gems in the shop are the handcrafted belts by Billy Moore of Nashville, Tennessee. Each belt is made of horse hide and is the product of a time consuming process involving a stream, a rock and the sun. One belt can take up to two weeks to make and because of this labor of love, each is unique in look, feel and character. These are belts to last a lifetime, and then some...
My personal favorite are all of John's leather items and I seriously need this green bag by Billykirk. Handmade by brothers, Chris and Kirk Bray, each leather piece is timeless in structure and design. As soon as you hold one of these leather pieces in your hands, you get the feeling that you want to take good care of it. I encourage you to watch Billykirk's well produced video here to learn more of their process.
John...you are too cool for words. Keep the door propped open and the beer chilled as I'll be back for another blog entry soon...

I have got to thank Pamela for doing such a nice story on the shop! It is refreshing to meet someone who follows their passions with such conviction and grace. I say we take a road trip to Tennessee and visit Billy and Otis. Click on the link above to share in Pamela's love of the South!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Fireworks from the front porch.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Braselton, Georgia! There will be bands and vendors in the park all day. Miss Lollipop the clown will be making ballon animals from 6:00 till 9:00. The fire works start at around 9:30. The shop will be the perfect place to view the fireworks. I think I'll just fill the truck with blankets, pile in the kids, and enjoy!