Saturday, January 28, 2012


Jack started playing Lacrosse.

"You're Intoxicating!"

This is a sure fire way to insure your loved one is thinking about you often! In stock now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Woodland Farm

Celebrating the new year in Cairo, Georgia.

Sugar Coated Radical

The box contains 1. Tobacco/Sourwood Honey 2. 4 Roses Bourbon 3. IPA Caramel covered in White Chocolate 4. Nutter Finger with Smoked Alder Wood Salt

Yee-Haw Letterpress

I've been talking with these guys for more than a year now. So glad to have their cards in the shop!

Marvin and Mike Poole

The Pooles came in the store with another twenty knives today. The beauty above is is a bird and trout knive with a handle made from blue jeans!

Valentine Provisions

I've got cards in from Yee-Haw Letterpress in Knoxille, TN and cholcolates from Sugar Coated Radical in Atlanta. These are the perfect compliment to your Valentines gift giving.